Friday, April 5, 2013

Unmarried in America — It takes a village to raise a play. Thank you!

OK. So, there's very little that's actually brave about this blog. Except that I am somewhat technically challenged — and that I am striving for more courage in my life and my art. More faith. Less fear. So, here goes.

I am beyond thrilled that my play, "Unmarried in America," has been selected for presentation at a national community theatre festival in IN. From the start, I wanted to create a piece that could play in the heartland and spark respectful conversation. Performing this play in Carmel, IN is an incredible opportunity.

I still have to pinch myself when I think about how this play came into being. An acquaintance just happened to suggest that I take a close look at the Prop 8 Trial. Then, a friend just happened to know a witness in the trial. And that witness, Ryan Kendall, just happened to be willing to talk to me and to put me in contact with his circle of friends. That's a lot of happenstance. Which is why this process has felt like more than coincidence since the beginning.

And I haven't even begun to address the amazing actors who just keep showing up to donate their time and talents, the phenomenal director who materialized for the first-ever table reading of this project, and the theaters (Colorado Mountain College Theatre, The Wheeler, Sol Theatre and Thunder River Theatre) that have appeared to offer us performance space.

Truly, it takes a village to create a viable play. And I am blessed beyond measure and beyond reason by an incredible community of supporters. The response to this piece has been overwhelming. And I just want to say thank you to everyone who has tossed fertilizer, in the form of time, energy and commitment, on this project. It is growing. And I am grateful.  Thank you, thank you!

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