Friday, May 24, 2013

The Aspen Stage performance of "Unmarried in America" at Lake Dillon Theatre Company was a powerful reminder of the joy of making art with an ensemble. Every member of the team showed up ready to work and play with an attitude of pure, curious commitment. Whatever the weekend would offer up, they were game. The result was a whole lot of deep-belly laughter and a few soul-cleansing tears. Theatre is, at its heart, a team sport, a communal effort. And the role of the audience is crucial. The audience in Dillon brought a willingness to engage with the characters and the material that enriched and enlivened the experience for everyone involved in the production. Wow, what great questions they asked! As a guest in a host theatre, I was suddenly aware of all the little moments of pure miracle that bring a production, a cast, a crew, a theatre, and an audience together. I am humbled and grateful. Deep breath. And on to Indiana.