Sunday, November 23, 2014

Vintage Theatre Gala for their 2015 Season

Vintage Theatre Gala
Thank You for Taking the Stage for Love and Marriage!

Unmarried in America, directed by Wendy Moore, will open May 8 and run through June 21 at Vintage Theatre in Aurora. The atmosphere of the 2015 season launch at Vintage Theatre was electrifying. I'm thrilled to partner with them and to see this piece take a solo flight (sans playwright). Please come and support the theatre. They are a talented, dedicated and feisty bunch. Can't wait to see the show they produce.

Several people came up to me during the soiree part of the evening with stories to share. My favorite part of this journey has been the AMAZING people I have met and continue to meet. As my mother told me: Love always wins. I see it over and over again.