Eudora's Box

Summer Thomas and Sophie Sakson in Thunder River Theatre Company's Production of "Eudora's Box"

When seventy-something Pop is diagnosed with a probable case of Alzheimer’s, his three adult children swoop in to plan his future. As his memory continues to slip, he grows desperate to find “Eudora’s Box.” Inside this box, the family discovers a secret that will force them to reevaluate their perceptions of the woman they knew as wife and mother. A bittersweet family comedy, “Eudora’s Box” proves the adage that it’s often those closest to us that we know the least.   

2 Women — one in her mid 40’s, another in her late 20’s/early 30’s.
3 Men — one in his late 70’s, a second in his mid 40’s, another 30-something.
POP — a man in his late 70’s, who has recently suffered a stroke and has been diagnosed with possible Alzheimers.
FAYE — his eldest daughter, a woman in her 40’s with a high responsibility quotient.
RICHARD — the middle-born son, an investment banker with a chip on his shoulder, in his 40’s.
LUCY — the youngest daughter in her late 20’s/early 30’s, an “oops baby” with a gypsy spirit.
JARED — Lucy’s boyfriend, a romance novel editor in his 30’s.
Interview prior to production of "Eudora's Box" at Thunder River Theatre Company. Thank you, Amy Hadden Marsh.

And, thank you Micha Schope, for your interview in Theatre Hotspot.

And, thank you to Trina Ortega, in the Sopris Sun, for covering Eudora's Box.

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